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World Plumbing Day - 11th March 


World Plumbing Day is an international event, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, held on 11 March each year to recognise the important role plumbing plays in societal health and amenity.World Plumbing Day

The WPC, through its member countries and its partnerships with bodies like the World Health Organisation, works all year round to promote the benefits of safe plumbing, but in 2010 it decided to launch the concept of embedding a single day on the world's calendar dedicated to plumbing. The idea was that on 11th March each year people all over the world would pause to reflect on the vital role plumbing plays in preserving their health and way of life - in the case of countries like ours - or in building sustainable disease free futures for millions in the developing world.


And so World Plumbing Day was born, and it is big and getting bigger all the time. Today, on the continents of Australia, Europe and Africa events are organised to mark the occasion and draw attention to the importance of good plumbing and sanitation. In China, England, Germany, India, Canada, North and South America and many more places industry leaders - like us here today - governments, policy makers, and community based organisations are promoting World Plumbing Day.


Right now, today, in offices and training colleges, on work sites and in classrooms, and in legislatures and parliaments around the world, World Plumbing Day is being marked and recognised. In media releases and magazine articles, the message about the link between good plumbing sanitation and human and environmental health is reaching millions of people each year.



Did You Know?


If your boiler is an old none condensing boiler it is likely that it is around 65% efficient, which in real terms means ……that for every £1 of gas you buy you only get 65pence usage. The rest is lost in the old mechanics of the boiler.

New condensing boilers are on average 98% efficient therefore saving over 30% on your gas bills.

An average service is only £60 + vat within a 10mile radius of Crewe & Nantwich, exclusive of any parts which may be needed.

A programmable room thermostat (which we can supply) will allow selected temperature control even when the central heating is in an 'off' position, allowing total control of the temperature within your property.

When winter conditions exist it is more economical and efficient to maintain a selected temperature over a 24 hour period, only increasing and de-creasing to suit occupancy.

Digital thermostats also allow holiday mode and frost stat protection.

There are now new central heating pumps which also offer a more efficient and economic usage with the central heating system.



H: 01270 650794 OR M: 07974 717690



Case Study: The Secret Nuclear Bunker - Nantwich


CH&PS are the official plumbing and heating engineers for the 'Hack Green' Secret Nuclear Bunker - one of Cheshire's leading tourist attractions.


Our work often surprises and challenges not least the recent system fitted in the new facility at the bunker showing how our traditional craftsmanship meets with modern technology.


This cutting-edge technology using air source heat pumps, heat exchangers, air handler, buffer tank, unvented, hot water pressurised cylinder and flush panel radiators in suspended ceilings are all digitally and individually controlled. Overall control is through computerised electronics.




October - Winter Checklist

If you answer NO to any of these points then give CH&PS a call!


As winter rapidly approaches it is time to consider your central heating and hot water systems for reliable, economic use.


By making some simple changes to your system it can operate more efficiently and save you money, for example:


By changing an old 'dial' type room thermostat to a modern digital thermostat which is accurate to half a degree, you can save approximately £100 per year.
Servicing your boiler annually is a must, like your car, optimum performance will be achieved.
Each boiler serviced by CH&PS will include a flue gas analyser report which shows the carbon monoxide levels in the flue gases and
the efficiency of the boiler.
Have the inhibiter levels in the system been topped up lately?
Is any external condensate pipework protected eg: lagged, waterproofed, electronically protected against frost and freezing?


We're the CH&PS to call


September / October 2014 - Our TV Debut - Your Home In Their Hands BBC1 8pm Thursday 2nd October


Back in May we took an unexpected call from a BBC film crew to ask if we could go to a house in Crewe where they were recording an episode for a new TV makeover type show called "Your Home in Our Hands".


As you can imagine we're very keen to follow the programme, and our guest appearance!! and hope you'll tune in too.

Here's a sneaky look at the before and after........

Your Home In Their Hands







June 2014 - Give Your Boiler Some TLC 


Ok, so the sun is shining, we're heading into a couple of months of summer and the last thing on our minds is our boiler - but it shouldn't be. Summer is the ideal time to give your boiler a little TLC after the hard works it's done during the winter months.

Stay ahead of the game, and everyone else, and get your boiler serviced now, that way if your boiler does need any work or maybe an upgrade, any maintenance can be done now before you need to rely on your boiler. 

It's also probably the most affordable time of the year too. Heating bills are lower during the summer months and if any work does needs doing on your boiler now, you won't feel the impact of the costs as much as you would during the winter months.

With over 35 years experience, you know your boiler is in safe hands. Call now to discuss how we can take care of your boiler.


June 2014 - We Pledged Our Support for Gas Safety Week 2014


Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances. It is co-ordinated by Gas Safe Register with support from the gas industry including retailers, manufacturers, consumer bodies and the public.

Twenty one million households in United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey use gas for heating, hot water and cooking, yet we take it for granted that our boilers, cookers and gas fires are safe. Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Did you know?

  • Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a highly poisonous gas. You can't see it, taste it or smell it, but it can kill quickly with no warning.
  • Gas Safe Register estimates that there are around 7,500 illegal gas fitters operating across the UK and up to 250,000 illegal gas jobs may be carried out each year (Gas Safe Register Research 2009).
  • Although there is awareness that gas appliances need to be safety checked annually, 43% of Britons don't do it, and 10% have gas appliances which have never been checked (Gas Safety Week Research 2011).

Gas Safety Week 2014

This year, Gas Safety Week will take place 15th-21st September 



April 2014 - Spring Care Tips for the Home


Check your plumbing - despite the fact that we've had a relatively mild winter, your pipes and plumbing may have suffered some frost damage, more so if they're not lagged.

It may also be a good time to check for blocked pipes, dripping taps or leaks - it's best to get them checked and repaired sooner rather than later to avoid further damage.

Spring is the best time to think about making your home more energy efficient - it will also save you money on the fuel bills in the long run. If your boiler has a 'summer' mode think about switching it now and install proper heating controls.